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Chemistry and materials research cluster

Materials chemistry is a vibrant area of research at the OU. We have an extensive track record in working synergistically with both industrial and academic partners. Key themes of our research include research into catalysis, condensed matter theory, green chemistry and resource efficiency, nanomaterials and nanocomposites, organosilicon research, polymer chemistry and supramolecular chemistry.If you are working on a topic related to chemistry or materials research and would like to become a member or would be interested in hearing about seminars and events organised by the group, please send an email to the group convenor to be added to our email list.

To find out more about the researchers working in each of these areas, click on the links below.

List of academic staff

List of researchers, support staff and PhD students

  • Lewis Anderson
  • Salah Hayek
  • Ashley Saunders
  • Dr Igor Kraev
  • Dr Michael Batham
  • Joanne Handford

Publications from the Chemistry and materials research cluster

A list of publications from the Chemistry and materials research cluster can be found here. 

Some members of our cluster are part of the Open University's Smart Materials group.  A list of publications from the Smart Material group can be found here. 


Funding success: Understanding radio resistance in paediatric brain cancer

LHCS researchers Golding, Crea, Bacon and Stramek have assembled an international team to examine the genetic changes that occur in response to radiotherapy in the highly aggressive childhood brain cancer, known as DIPG.

1st July 2021
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