Smart & Green Building Expo Milton Keynes 2018

Where else to host the inaugural Smart and Green Building Expo than Milton Keynes, one of the UK’s smart cities?

Milton Keynes is famous for its many smart city initiatives, such as MK:Smart, which developed innovative smart projects including, the MK IoT network demonstrator, the MotionMap city-wide transport information service, the Our:MK platform for community engagement, the Community Action Platform for Energy (CAPE), and the Electricity Demand Shifting project etc. Other smart MK projects include the LUTZ Pathfinder and UK Autodrive for trialling autonomous vehicles.

The The Smart & Green Building Expo, sponsored by Stay Safe PPE Limited was held on 18th September 2018. This brought together companies involved with land development, design, architecture, construction, building supplies, facility and property management, and policy makers, government bodies, and further and higher education.

I enjoyed a morning networking and getting up-to-date with the latest trends and information applicable to smart green buildings based around the following themes linked here:

National Construction Expo
The National Engineering Expo
Facility Management & Maintenance Show
Health and Safety Live
The Architecture, Design & Planning Show

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