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Picturing Climate: Participatory Photography and Narrative Storytelling for Climate Change Education


This research aims to explore the potential of arts- and humanities-based methodologies – specifically participatory photography and storytelling – for climate change education. It will focus on developing local and international educational capacity on the effects of climate change upon food security and livelihoods.  


Agnes Czajka, Open University (Principal Investigator)
Dzeneta Karabegovic, Salzburg University
Jasmin Hasic, International Burch University


This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


Climate change has generated a crisis of livelihoods, food insecurity and internal and cross-border migration in CubaBosnia and Herzegovina, and Jordan, but the issue has garnered relatively little international attention. 

The Picturing Climate research network connects researchers, academic institutions, arts practitioners, and small-scale arts and culture NGOs in these three countries and in the UK with each other, and with socio-economically vulnerable urban youth in Cuba, rural youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and young refugees in informal settlements in Jordan.

Network participants co-facilitate and take part in participatory photography and storytelling workshops, local and international exhibitions of the work they produced, and local and international learning labs. The labs are designed to promote evidence-based reflection on the practical potential of participatory photography and storytelling for developing local and international educational models and materials for education on climate change. 

On the basis of this experience, network participants will co-produce locally-relevant materials on climate-change-induced food and livelihood insecurities, and local solutions that can be developed to address them.

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