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One academic and his camera: how OU lecturer opens a window on life in the steppes

29 April 2019
Photo by John Oates of Kyrgyz family at home

John Oates’ latest documentary film opens a window on to a centuries-old way of life surviving cheek by jowl with the digital age.

Radical Thinking Key to Achieving SDGs

26 April 2019
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

In the lead up to #DSA2019, Matt Foster, Director of the OU's International Development Office, calls for a fresh approach towards the SDGs in order to secure 'real change'

Financialisation: in search of some much-needed coherence in its operationalisation and in future empirical research

23 May 2019

Mentions of financialisation have increased dramatically since 2008, within both the academic literatures and the mainstream press.

From Syria to Scandinavia: Navigating the Refugee Reception Crisis

13 August 2018
Picture courtesy of Karam Yahya, refugees crossing in a boat

Since 2015, Europe’s so-called 'refugee crisis' has been the centre of intense debate. But what if we began to look at it another way: as a refugee reception crisis?

7 May 2019
Screenshot of May ID@OU newsletter

The May ID@OU newsletter is out! All the latest news, opportunities and events from International Development at The Open University.