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Towards a Critical Research Agenda for Development Economics

27 June 2017
Previous EAEPE-Myrdal Prize winners Erik Reinert & Smita Srinivas image

EAEPE symposium investigates in what ways heterodox perspectives can best answer challenges to development economics from critics and proponents alike.

How to Settle Social Care Funding Once and For All - Janette Rutterford

21 June 2017
pensioner and nurse image

Theresa May's U-turn on social care funding shows how hard it is to fix. But, argues Janette Rutterford, there is a logical solution.

The Queen's English: Development Discourse, UK Development Aid & the Promotion of the English Language

27 June 2017

By tracing the history of British-funded ELT programmes, this seminar will expose the roots of the inflated claims made in favour of English.

Rethinking Research Partnerships: Evidence and the Politics of Participation in Cross-Sectoral Research Collaborations

7 June 2017
Jude Fransman OU image

The OU's Dr Jude Fransman explores the relationship between evidence and participation in research partnerships.

Ghana beyond Aid: Calling on the Diaspora

3 July 2017

Policy Brief challenges disproportionate influence of aid on developing countries, while diaspora communties – who send more funds – are excluded from democratic processes.

June ID@OU Newsletter

2 June 2017
June ID@OU newsletter image

In June's issue: Science4Refugees & crowdfunding to support girls' education in South Sudan.