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Global Aspirations Must Be Targeted Locally

18 October 2016
Matt Foster, Director of IDO, at the NI Seminar image

More than 170 people attended the OU's SDG roadshow, which highlighted the need for concerted local and international action.

Kenyan and Tanzanian Medicine Producers Deserve a Shot in the Arm - Samuel Wangwe & Maureen Mackintosh

30 September 2016
Local production of medicines in Africa image

Local production of medicines can create a win-win situation for health and employment.

Solidarity and Participatory Methods in Research on Activism and the Third Sector

2 November 2016

International Development seminar hosted jointly with the OU's Citizenship & Governance SRA on Engaged Scholarship.

Chinese Investment in Africa's Oil Sector: The Link with Development Finance

6 October 2016
Chinese NOCs video 5 image

How might African countries be empowered so that a better balance is created in terms of sharing the resources that are extracted from them? (5/5)

Innovation as a Political Process of Development: Are Neo-Schumpeterians Value Neutral?

3 October 2016

If innovation is redefined as a predominately political process, one that is both historical and contextual, what are the implications for development politics?

October ID@OU Newsletter

6 October 2016
October ID@OU newsletter image

In October's issue: How can we support the right of all African children to secondary education? Plus a closer look at education and development.