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Innovation Caucus

24 April 2017
Professor David Wield, Open University

Professor David Wield invited to join group of 66 leading scholars helping to shape the development of sustainable innovation-led economic growth.

Payments for Community-Owned Solutions? - Andrea Berardi

22 May 2017
Makushi logging image

New post challenges the global ascendancy of PES schemes, arguing that alternative framings would better sustain environmental management.

Bored with Queer. What's Next?

24 May 2017
International Development seminar hosted jointly with the OU's Citizenship & Governance SRA on Engaged Scholarship.

Brexit Special: Economy, Business and Development

18 May 2017
Student Hub Live Brexit Special Economy image

Alan Shipman, Jonquil Lowe and Will Brown discuss Brexit's impact on the UK's economy, business and development.

Indigenous Peoples, the City and Inclusive Urban Development

2 May 2017

How far does the failure to address indigenous interests and needs in urban policies remain a barrier to inclusive development in Latin America?

May ID@OU Newsletter

5 May 2017
May ID@OU newsletter image

In May's issue: Agroforestry, empowering women & OU success at the Guardian University awards.