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Could New App Help Solve Pension Shortfall?

15 August 2016
NEST appathon winning entry image

Rajiv Prabhakar's work with the National Employment Savings Trust sets out to tackle the increasing gap between pension 'haves' and 'have-nots'.

How Bank of England Rate Cut Will Hit Personal Finances

25 August 2016
Piggy bank image

As the Bank of England cuts interest rates to a historic low of 0.25% and injects further quantitative easing, Jonquil Lowe explores the potential effects.

Digital Innovation as a Driver of Financial Inclusion and Exclusion

21 September 2016

International Development seminar presented by Jonquil Lowe (Economics, OU)

Making Medicines in Africa

9 August 2016
Healthcare in Africa image

Maureen Mackintosh and Julius Mugwagwa explore some of the interconnections between industrial development and health.

Development Engineering meets Development Studies

4 August 2016

New working paper explores the nature of engineering in development and highlights efforts to headline its role.

July ID@OU Newsletter

7 July 2016
July ID@OU newsletter image

In July's issue: non-state security in Tanzania & the dangers of romanticising 'traditional' security, plus how free OU resources are helping to support water projects in Ethiopia.