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Infrastructures for Inclusion

photo of construction worker looking up at building in progress

Infrastructure demands are key to inclusive development. So how do we ensure no-one is excluded?

Growing out of the Rising Powers programme, Infrastructures for Inclusion focuses on Africa, emerging powers within the G20, and the UK. Starting with modelling, it combines concerns with the infrastructure itself (what? where? how?) and the political, economic and social relations that enable or constrain it before, finally, tracking its impacts.

Completed projects

Chinese National Oil Companies and the Economic Development of African Oil Producers

Interaction between China’s oil interests and African state and non-state actors is explored in Ghana, Angola and Sudan to assess whether policies can help maximise the benefits to Africa’s development.

China as the New 'Shaper' of Global Development

The pace and significance of China's rise has implications for both traditional and emerging powers, as well as for developing countries.

The Politics of Chinese Engagement with African Development: Case Studies of Angola and Ghana

Meeting China's increased demand for resources from Africa and expanding her markets also means securing political influence.