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  • Brexit Special: Economy, Business and Development

    Student Hub Live Brexit Special Economy image
    18 May 2017

    Alan Shipman, Jonquil Lowe and Will Brown discuss Brexit's impact on the UK's economy, business and development.

  • Brexit Special: Brexit’s Impact on the Nations of the UK

    Student Hub Live Brexit Special Nations image
    18 May 2017

    George Callaghan, Janice Holmes and Richard Marsden discuss Brexit's impact on the nations of the UK.

  • Nollywood and Nigeria’s Internal Conflicts: Media in an Advisory Capacity

    Nollywood Seminar image
    26 April 2017

    The OU's Dr Françoise Ugochukwu reveals Nollywood as both sounding board and political advisory platform.

  • Deals and Development: The Political Dynamics of Inclusive Growth

    Professor Kunal Sen, Open University seminar image
    5 April 2017

    Professor Kunal Sen (University of Manchester) puts forward a new framework, grounded in political economy, for understanding growth.


  • Addressing Africa’s Rapid Urbanisation

    Smita Srinivas interviewd by CNBC Africa
    5 April 2017

    IKD Visiting Fellow Smita Srinivas is interviewed by CNBC Africa at African Development Week in Dakar, Senegal.

  • Three Frames for Research and Innovation Policy: Moving from the Valley of Death to Experimental Arenas

    Jo Chataway OU seminar image
    15 March 2017

    Professor Joanna Chataway (SPRU, Sussex) provides an overview of three frames for research and innovation funding and policy, and introduces the TIPC.

  • Health Policy as Industrial Policy: The Challenge for Inclusive Industrialisation in East Africa

    Maureen Mackintosh image
    8 March 2017

    The XI SOAS Industrial Development and Policy Lecture given by Professor Maureen Mackintosh.

  • Indigenous Rights to the City: EthniCity, DiverCity and Urban Development in La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador

    Philipp Horn Indigenous Rights podcast image
    22 February 2017

    Dr Philipp Horn (OU) discusses the barrier to development represented by the 'urban indigenous' and explore how Bolivia and Ecuador are bucking the trend.

  • Rights, Riots and Realities in Global Higher Education (internal-only)

    Jo Beall OU seminar image
    11 January 2017

    Dr Jo Beall (British Council) examines the global trends, challenges and opportunities faced by higher education today.

  • Housing: Costlier to Build and Harder to Sell?

    Alan Shipman podcast image
    9 January 2017

    Lecturer in Economics Alan Shipman discusses the balancing act the government has to perform – and why a new social divide may be emerging

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