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Our researchers generate new knowledge on – and explore the dynamics between – the following themes.

Health, Innovation and Equity

Health, Innovation and Equity

Innovation profoundly affects health systems and access to care, but research on innovation and health equity remain poorly integrated.

Infrastructures for Inclusion

Danger - Keep Out. Image by Mark Buckawicki

Infrastructure demands are key to inclusive development. So how do we ensure no one is excluded?


Agri-food, Bio-energy & Green-tech

Bio-energy and Green-tech image

Solutions are not simply about the 'best' technology – tensions may exist between agri-food, bio-energy and green-tech policies.

Theorising Capabilities & Innovation

Human Capabilities

Human well-being is about more than income. It's about opportunities, what people can be and do – and how innovation affects this.

Finance, Innovation and Equity

Finance, Innovation and Equity

Innovation is the fundamental engine of growth, employment and quality of life, but its advantages are unevenly distributed.

Education for Inclusive Development

TESS-India classroom image

Education is key to the SDGs, but transformation both at system level and within sites of learning is crucial if they are to be met.

Migration & Forced Displacement

Migration, map pins image

Migration and forced displacement are among the most pressing global challenges of our era.