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Gender Critical Research Network

This research network brings together a range of academics and scholars, all of which share a common interest in exploring how sexed bodies come to matter in their respective research fields and a common commitment to ensuring that a space within academia is kept open for those explorations. We will reflect on the importance of sexed bodies for health and welfare. We will critique the constraining stereotypes of gender. We will provide a hub through which theories and research can be shared and exchanged and will host workshops and an annual one-day conference. Our events will be maximally accessible. We aim to foster evidence-based and rigorous research in this burgeoning field and explore ways to foster maximum knowledge exchange, impact on policy and ideas and dissemination.

We encourage membership from across all faculties and from outside the University. We also encourage involvement from PGR, academics and researchers who are interested to understand and know more about what is meant by ‘gender critical’ research.

The Co-Convenors of the group are Professor Jo Phoenix (, Chair in Criminology, and Dr Jon Pike (, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy. Both are happy to field enquiries.

Gender Critical Research Network launch podcast

External Funding

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