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Dr Jon Pike

Dr Jon Pike joined the Open University in 1998, as Staff Tutor and Lecturer in Philosophy in the South East Region. He has written on his major teaching topic: political philosophy, from level one (on Cultural Exemptions) to the MA in Philosophy which he now co-chair with Derek Matravers. Within political philosophy, Jon has written about political obligation, distributive and global justice, and he maintains an interest in both Marx and Aristotle who were the topic of his doctoral dissertation and first book. Jon’s main research interest is in the Philosophy of Sport. Pike is the current Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association.

For more information visit Jon's profile.

Dr Laura McGrath

Dr Laura McGrath is a Senior Lecturer in Psychosocial Mental Health in the School of Psychology and Counselling. She joined the Open University in 2019, having previously worked at the University of East London where she was programme leader for Clinical and Community Psychology BSc and co-leader of the Mental Health and Social Change Research Group. Laura’s research interests cluster around the role of context – social, material and political – in experiences of health and wellbeing. This has included work looking at the role of the material environment in experiences of mental distress, the relationship between austerity and mental health, as well as an interest in non-clinical and arts-based interventions. She also has a developing interest in women’s health.

For more information visit Laura's profile.

Becky Devlin

Becky Devlin has worked as a manager in HE for over 15 years. With a background in biology she has managed curriculum in health sciences, law, finance and business. She has also led a STEM faculty research administration team and a strategic employer engagement programme. Becky is interested in research in areas of policy development and legislation, and their effects on safety and equality in society.

Jessica Evans

Jessica Evans is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences and Global Studies. Her research rests in systems and psychoanalytic approaches to organisations and culture and more broadly the place of emotions in public life in interaction with private life. Her particular interest is in the organisational dynamics of role, governance and policy – how public organisations pursue unconscious tasks at variance with their explicit and primary tasks as a consequence of their relationship with the social and cultural environment. Her early research was on visual culture, representation and disability. She also has an active interest in assessment pedagogy and the emotional aspects of learning and is a committee member of the Assessment in Higher Education network.

For more information visit Jessica's profile.

Hannah R Marston

Hannah R Marston is a Research Fellow in the Health and Wellbeing Strategic Research Area. Since completing and graduating from her doctoral studies in 2010 Hannah has worked in Canada and Germany as a post-doctoral fellow and research scientist, respectively.

Hannah is an interdisciplinary researcher, and her interests lie in the fields of videogames, digital (health) technology, technology adoption, gamification, health, wellbeing, digital ex/inclusion, age-friendly cities and communities, ageing, and user experience. Hannah has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal papers, 10 book chapters, led and co-guest edited special issues and has presented her research at both national and international conferences. In 2018, Hannah gave a keynote presentation at the ‘International Child and Information Safety Congress ‘Digital Games’’ conference held in Ankara, Turkey.

For more information visit Hannah's profile or her website:


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