Kevin Maloney and Peter Thornton-Pett discuss the forthcoming Graduation Ceremony from inside the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace.
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Duration: 00:03:45
Keyword(s): Graduation ceremony, degrees, graduation robes, Alexandra Palace, Great Hall, installation, honorary degrees, Willis organ
Contributor(s): Kevin Moloney; Peter Thornton-Pett
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Series: Open Forum
Footage description: Black and white footage : Musicians rehearsing inside the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace. Camera pans out to Kevin Moloney who begins speaking. Peter Thornton-Pett dressed in academic robes. A woman in academic dress stands next to Thornton-Pett. He describes his and then her gown. Maloney interviews Thornton-Pett with musical rehearsal continuing behind them.
Master programme series: Open Forum
Master programe code and title: Open Forum 7 (1973)
Master programme recording date: 1973
Master programme production number: JOUZ402B
Available to public: yes