This transformation experiment re-creates one of the crucial experiments which proves that DNA really is the genetic material. Dr Cox demonstrates this by adding genetic material (DNA) from one strain of bacterium to another, so that a genetically determined characteristic of the former is transferred to the latter.
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Duration: 00:11:30
Keyword(s): DNA transformation, bacteria, enzyme, Tryptophan.
Contributor(s): Dr Brian Cox
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Footage description: B/W. Cox standing behind a table in the studio speaking. He removes two test tubes containing bacteria culture, from a rack. Close up of the cultures. Cox replaces the tubes in the rack and selects two small plates containing growth medium. Cox marks the plates with a pen. He sterilises a wire loop in a flame. He takes cells from one bacterial culture and streaks them on the growth mediums then repeats with cells from the second culture. Cox removes two plates from an incubator. He displays one on a board. Close up of bacterial culture growth on the plate. Cox displays the second plate. Close up of both plates. Cox speaking to camera behind table. Close up of test tube rack. Cox takes a cell extract solution in a tube and places is in the centre of the table. He pours alcohol into the tube from a beaker. Close up of the layers of liquid produced in the tube. Close up of the precipitate being spooled onto a glass rod. Cox transfers the precipitate into a tube containing a salt solution. Cox speaking behind table. Closeup of test tube rack. Cox uses a glass tube to add purified DNA solution to test tubes of cell solutions. Cox speaking behind the table. He places a plate containing growth medium on the table. Close up of the plate. He pipettes cell solution onto the plate. He sterilises a glass rod and spreads the cells on the plate. Close up of plate. Cox speaking behind table. He puts the plate into the incubator and removes another. He displays the plate on a board. Close up of plate. Cox adds a label 'Mix' above the plate. Cox speaking behind table. Close up of test tube rack. Cox removes two plates from the incubator and displays them on the board adding the labels 'DNA' and 'Try' above them. Cox speaking behind table. He removes a test tube from the rack then replaces it. Close up of three plates displayed on the board. Cox points to the bacterial growth. Close up of the first plate.
Master programe code and title: S100/17 Genetic code
Master programme recording date: 16/05/1971
Master programme first presentation: 1971
Master programe filename: S100_1971X_BX_V017.avi
Master programme production number: JOUZ371T
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