A physical demonstration of the nature of P and S waves is followed by a discussion and demonstration of the pattern of these waves emanating from a fault such as the San Andreas Fault.
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Duration: 00:05:42
Keyword(s): Compressional (P) waves, transverse (S) waves, earthquakes, San Andreas Fault.
Contributor(s): Dr Russell Stannard
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Footage description: B/W. Stannard speaking in the studio to camera. Graphic of a row of dots and a pointing hand. The hand pushes the first dot and creates a pulse. Graphic of wavelengths pulsing from a solid line representing the Earth. Graphic of dots pulsing as a transverse wave. Movement of one atom identified with a line. Graphic of transverse wavelengths pulsing from a solid representing the Earth. Stannard speaking in the studio to camera. Camera pans out to large photo of the San Andreas Fault next to Stannard. Stannard speaking while pointing at photo. Camera closes in on photo. Model comprised of springs to demonstrate earthquake waves. Stannard moves the model from left to right. He uses the model to demonstrate an S-wave. Close up of spring. Stannard speaking. Close up of spring moving. Stannard speaking. Spring model. Stannard uses the model to demonstrate a P-wave. Close up of Stannard holding coils of spring together. Close up of spring moving. Slow motion footage of P-wave travelling along spring.
Master programe code and title: S100/22 Earth structure
Master programme recording date: 28/06/1971
Master programme first presentation: 1971
Master programe filename: S100_1971X_BX_V022.avi
Master programme production number: JOUZ377J
Available to public: yes