Professor Pentz discusses 'What is a laboratory?' and considers the differences between an experiment and an observation.
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Duration: 00:03:08
Keyword(s): Mass spectrometer, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Octagon Room.
Contributor(s): Professor Michael Pentz
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Footage description: B/W. Film of a physical chemist in a laboratory operating a mass spectrometer. Readings from the mass spectrometer are shown. Painting of astronomer in the Octagon Room of the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Pentz standing in the Octagon Room speaking to camera. He walks across the room and stands next to a telescope and continues to address the camera. Film of a biochemist cutting up meat and blending it in a food mixer.
Master programe code and title: S100/01 Foundation course in science: an introduction
Master programme recording date: 10/01/1971
Master programme first presentation: 1971
Master programe filename: S100_1971X_BX_V001.avi
Master programme production number: JOUZ356H
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