A film sequence showing how a regular array of steel ball-bearings breaks up as the tray containing the ball bearings is agitated from side to side at increased speed. This model corresponds to the melting of a solid as the temperature rises.
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Duration: 00:01:55
Keyword(s): States of matter, melting, molecules.
Contributor(s): Dr Alan Walton
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Footage description: B/W. Walton leaning against a table in the studio speaking to camera. A tray is shown containing a ball bearing being shaken by a motor. Ball bearings from a beaker are poured and spread out onto the tray. The motor speed is increased and the movement of the ball bearings observed. The regular structure gradually breaks down. Ball bearings with a single white bearing in the centre are shaken on a tray. Still photograph of simulated liquid and solid.
Master programe code and title: S100/05 Science course unit 5
Master programme recording date: 06/02/1972
Master programme first presentation: 1971
Master programe filename: S100_1971X_BX_V005.avi
Master programme production number: JOUZ360J
Available to public: yes