Stephen Regan, Kiernan Ryan & Sue Wiseman in discussion while watching Laurence Olivier's Hamlet (1948) at the Phoenix Cinema.
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Duration: 00:01:15
Keyword(s): Shakespeare, acting, actors, performance, cinema
Contributor(s): Stephen Regan; Kiernan Ryan; Sue Wiseman; Laurence Olivier; Basil Sydney
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Footage description: Stephen Regan speaking in Phoenix Cinema projection room next to film reels. Close up of film playing in machine. Distant shot of sword fight scene in the film Hamlet (1948) taken through small viewing window, gradually zooming in. The three participants seated in the cinema watching Hamlet. Discussion interspersed with shots of the film.
Master programe code and title: AA306/VCR4 Shakespeare on screen
Master programme first presentation: 2000
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Master programme production number: FOUA568P
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