A clip from the 1946 BBC production of Macbeth with comments from Stephen Regan, Kiernan Ryan and Sue Wiseman.
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Duration: 00:02:48
Keyword(s): Shakespeare, performance
Contributor(s): Orson Welles; Stephen Regan; Kiernan Ryan; Sue Wiseman
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Footage description: Black and white clip from the film Macbeth (1946) featuring a monologue by Orson Welles during a storm. Discussion between Stephen Regan, Kiernan Ryan and Sue Wiseman seated in the Phoenix Cinema. Clip from Macbeth (with Banquo) shown during the discussion without sound.
Master programe code and title: AA306/VCR4 Shakespeare on screen
Master programme first presentation: 2000
Master programe filename: AA306_2000X_BX_V004.avi
Master programme production number: FOUA568P
Available to public: yes