OU Study Materials

The Open University has been delivering modules/courses to students since 1971. The Study Materials collection is a comprehensive archive, including printed, audio/visual, multimedia and web materials. The collection also includes associated materials, such as transcripts of audio/visual content, set books, prospectuses and a selection of home experiment kits. The OU Digitral Archive collection of Study Materials contains a sample of the full archive. The collection will grow as further materials are added

Image of OU Study Materials
Title Module Code Resource Type Start Date
Personal professional development: early years settingsE115Module2005
Working with children in the early yearsE123Module2003
Supporting children's learning in the early yearsE124Module2004
Introduction to working with young peopleE131Module2005
Contemporary issues in educationE200Module1981
Personality and learningE201Module1976
Schooling and societyE202Module1977
Curriculum design and developmentE203Module1975
Purpose and planning in the curriculumE204Module1983
Conflict and change in education: a sociological introductionE205Module1984
Personality, development and learningE206Module1985
Exploring educational issuesE208Module1989
Learning matters: challenges of the information ageE211Module03 February 2001
Extending personal professional developmentE215Module2006
Contemporary issues in schoolsE220Module01 February 1987
Decision making in British education systemsE221Module1974
The control of education in BritainE222Module1979
Language and communication in society: an introductionE227Module01 February 1994
Ways of knowing: language, mathematics and science in the early yearsE230Module2005
Special needs in educationE241Module1982