OU Study Materials

The Open University has been delivering modules/courses to students since 1971. The Study Materials collection is a comprehensive archive, including printed, audio/visual, multimedia and web materials. The collection also includes associated materials, such as transcripts of audio/visual content, set books, prospectuses and a selection of home experiment kits. The OU Digital Archive collection of Study Materials contains a sample of the full archive. The collection will grow as further materials are added

Image of OU Study Materials
Title Module Code Resource Type Start Date
Voices, texts and material cultureA105Module2014
Exploring history: medieval to modern 1400-1900A200Module2007
From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830A207Module2004
Creative writingA215Module2006
Introducing religionsA217Module2006
Medicine and society in Europe 1500-1930A218Module2004
Exploring the classical worldA219Module2006
Exploring philosophyA222Module2011
Early modern Europe: society and culture c.1500-1780A223Module16 October 2001
Inside musicA224Module2011
The British Isles and the modern world, 1789-1914A225Module17 October 2007
Exploring art and visual cultureA226Module2012
Exploring Religion: places, practices, texts and experiencesA227Module17 October 2007
Reading and studying literatureA230Module2011
World archaeologyA251Module2007
Reading classical Greek: language and literatureA275Module2009
Classical Latin: the language of ancient RomeA276Module2015
20th century literature: texts and debatesA300Module2005
Empire: 1492-1975A326Module2009
Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, modernityA327Module2013