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Alexandra Palace in OU programmes

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Clip: Alexandra Palace Telephone Exchange
Duration: 00:01:53
Date: 12-06-1976
Clip: Alexandra Palace computer room
Date: 1975
Clip: Your full attention please!
Duration: 00:01:20
Date: 24-05-1981

As well as being the location for Open University television production and the early graduation ceremonies, Alexandra Palace itself and its facilities were used several times in Open University teaching programmes to demonstrate particular topics.

An example of this was the use of Alexandra Palace’s telephone switchboard. The first video clip on this page is from OU module T321 - Telecommunication Systems, programme 09 “Telephone Switching 2” (1976). In the programme the presenter Malcolm Hamer describes the operation of a manual telephone exchange system, showing the Alexandra Palace switchboard and the operators working there.

A second example of facilities at Alexandra Palace being used in teaching is shown in the second clip on this page. This programme from 1975 is from the module TM221 - The Digital Computer. Presenter Sean Doherty talks about the components of a computer system, using the OU Student Computing Service computer installed at Alexandra Palace.

The third clip on this page is from OU module DS262 Introduction to Psychology. Taken from programme 4, titled "Your Attention Please" (first broadcast in 1981), the filming process at Alexandra Palace is used to give an example of a situation where there are mulitple activities going on at the same time, and the presenter has to choose where to focus his attention.

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