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OU Production moves to Walton Hall

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Image: The opening of the BBC OU Production Centre
Duration: 00:03:03
Date: 1982
Clip: Robert Rowland clip 2
Duration: 00:03:30
Date: 2009

In December 1980 David Kennard wrote about the forthcoming OU Production Centre (OUPC) coming to the Walton Hall campus in Open Line:

By 1973, with an apparent steady state of production, we were already well advanced in a study to replace the Alexandra Palace studios with a purpose-built centre on the Open University campus at Milton Keynes. There will be a repetition, but on a larger scale and with the experience behind us of those early days. The production deadline is now September 1981. The 1980s will bring forward completely new administrative problems and experiences. The new centre with its up-to-date and much enlarged film and electronic resources will be applied to new educational audio-visual systems of which broadcasting and cassetting will be only [be] a part a few years from now... It will, I’m sure, be as exciting and enlightening an adventure as were the early days of 1969.

The OU Production Centre was formally opened on 14 May 1982 by HRH Prince Charles. The building it was housed in was named the Perry Building after the former Vice Chancellor Walter Perry who also attended the ceremony. On this page you can can watch a clip from Open Forum 77, a special programme about Prince Charles’ visit.

On this page you can also listen to the former head of the OU Production Centre for the BBC, Robert Rowland, talking about the OUPC when it moved to Milton Keynes.

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