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Wilson Building to Horlock Building

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Clip: Harold Wilson
Duration: 00:00:46
Date: 1963
Harold Wilson visiting The Open University on the occasion of the naming of the Wilson Building on the Walton Hall campus. VC John Daniel and Chancellor Asa Briggs are accompanying him.
Image : Official opening of the Wilson Building at Walton Hall.
Date: 1990
External view of the Wilson Building on the Open University campus, Milton Keynes.
Image : Wilson Building
Date: 2018

7. Wilson Building

It was Harold Wilson (1916-1995) who, as Prime Minister (1964-1970 and 1974-1976) created The Open University, tasking Jennie Lee as responsible minister, effectively reporting directly to him. The Wilson Building was the first major building to be completed and remains one of the largest on campus. It was mostly built in 1971, with K Block built in 1978 and the H Block extension added in 2000.

On 22nd September 1990 Harold Wilson was invited to unveil a name plaque on the Wilson Building commemorating the 21st anniversary of the foundation of The Open University.

Learn more about Harold Wilson and his connection with The Open University in the Harold Wilson online exhibition

Karen Foley and Dan Weinbren from The Open University appear in a video about the Wilson building, and the nearby carved Cedar Tree artwork on YouTube.

The first image on this page shows Vice Chancellor John Daniel and Chancellor Asa Briggs with Harold Wilson during the unveiling ceremony for the building name plaque in 1990. The second image shows the Wilson Building in 2018. The video clip is from the 1963 'white heat of technology' speech made in 1963, where Wilson set out his ideas for a university of the air.


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