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Wolfson to Chambers

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Clip: Open University fees in the early 1980s
Duration: 00:03:34
Date: 1983
Actress Julie Walters with University Secretary Joe Clinch. Julie Walters visited the OU campus on 19 April 1983 for a pre-premiere of the film Educating Rita which was shown in the University lecture theatre.
Image : Julie Walters visit
Date: 19/04/1983

35. Joe Clinch Building

The third building on the OU's East Campus is the Joe Clinch Building. Joe Clinch was University Secretary from 1981 to 1998, to date the University's longest serving Secretary. He had previously served as Deputy Secretary and also acting Secretary during two leaves of absence by the first Secretary, Anastasios Christodoulou. Joe Clinch was awarded an OBE in 1997.

The video clip shows interviewer Don Feasey asking Joe Clinch about Open University fees in 1983. The image shows Joe Clinch with Actress Julie Walters during her visit to the OU campus on 19th April 1983 for a preview screening of the film Educating Rita.

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