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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Philosophy

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Video: Do we know what knowing is?
Duration: 00:24:23
Date: 13-06-1973
Video: The concept of mind
Duration: 00:24:27
Date: 14-03-1973
Video: Introduction to logic
Duration: 00:23:00
Date: 22-02-1972

This theme is comprised of three videos: Susan Haack in discussion with Gilbert Ryle; Martha Kneale discussing knowledge and justification with Allen Phillips Griffiths; and a television broadcast of Susan Wilson (Née Khin Zaw), a past OU Philosophy Lecturer, teaching introductory logic. 
Accompanying these videos are three specially commissioned essays that discuss equity, diversity and inclusion in philosophy (all links open in a new window):
Related essays and videos :
  • Laws of Nature: R. B. Braithwaite and K. K. Baublys discuss scientific explanation and laws of nature.
    Accompanying essay by Anna Alexandrova
  • Other Minds: A. J. Ayer and Godfrey Vesey discuss the problem of other minds.
    Accompanying essay by Anita Avramides
  • Utilitarianism: Bernard Williams’s 1986 Open University lecture.
    Accompanying essay by Sophie Grace Chappell.
  • The Concept of Mind: Gilbert Ryle and Susan Haack discuss Ryle’s work on the mind.
    Accompanying essay by Susan Haack
  • Dostoevsky and Deontology: Bernard Williams debates Kant, utilitarianism and Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment with A. Phillips Griffiths.
    Accompanying essay by Christine M. Korsgaard
  • Knowledge: Martha Kneale and A. Phillips Griffiths discuss the nature of knowledge.
    Accompanying essay by Mona Simion

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