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Bernard Williams

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Portrait photograph of Sir Bernard Arthur Owen Williams (1929-2003), the English philosopher.
Image : Bernard Williams
Date: 2002

This theme consists of several videos featuring Sir Bernard Williams (1929 – 2003). Accompanying each of these are specially commissioned essays (all links open in a new window):

  • Utilitarianism: Bernard Williams’s 1986 Open University lecture.
    Accompanying essay by Sophie Grace Chappell
  • Dostoevsky and Deontology: Bernard Williams debates Kant, utilitarianism and Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment with A. Phillips Griffiths.
    Accompanying essay by Christine M. Korsgaard.
  • Time: Bernard Williams debates the nature of time with physicist Dennis Sciama.
    Accompanying essay by Craig Bourne and Emily Caddick Bourne.
    Accompanying video with Anna Alexandrova, Huw Price and Astronomer Royal, Lord Martin Rees.
  • Questioning Theories: with John Clarke.
    Accompanying essay by John Clarke.
  • Competing Theories: with Stuart Hall.
    Accompanying essay by Sophie Watson.
  • Questioning Assumptions: with Stan Cohen.
    Accompanying essay by David Scott.
  • Is Social Science Really Necessary?: with Sir Jonathan Miller.
    Accompanying essay by William Miller.

Related videos and essays :

  • Moral Philosophy: A. J. P. Kenny and R. M. Hare discuss the value of moral philosophy.
    Accompanying essay by Michael Smith.
  • Knowledge: Martha Kneale and A. Phillips Griffiths discuss the nature of knowledge.
    Accompanying essay by Mona Simion.
  • Laws of Nature: R. B. Braithwaite and K. K. Baublys discuss scientific explanation and laws of nature.
    Accompanying essay by Anna Alexandrova.
  • Truth: Gareth Evans and P. F. Strawson discuss the nature of truth.
    Accompanying essay by Huw Price.

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