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Theatre games, workshops & rehearsals

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(Part of an online exhibition created by OU Associate Lecturer Brendan Jackson in 2014)

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Clip 6: AA306 Theatre Games
Duration: 00:03:37
Date: 2000

This online exhibition introduces as many aspects as possible of the multifaceted approach to teaching Shakespeare which has been adopted over the years by the Open University. In the Centrality of Performance theme we glimpse, albeit briefly, polished performances by several accomplished actors. But even for professional and experienced actors such performances are the product of extended and strenuous preparation. When a company comes together to work towards a performance each practice session is likely to begin with so-called ‘warm-up’ exercises. These may be simply means to relaxation and the creation of an informal atmosphere, but they will often be focused, sometimes obscurely, on the dynamics which the workshop or rehearsal will later explore. This will become apparent in this clip in which Clive Barker orchestrates theatre games based on the familiar game of ‘Tag’ (Clip 6). The games are part of the preparation for a rehearsal of the love-tangles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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