World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day (5th June 2017) this featured item focuses on environment studies at the OU.

Title: Students at Summer School
Duration: 00:03:00
Date: 1991
Title: Grain size measurements of sand taken from different areas of a beach
Duration: 00:05:19
Date: 1971
Title: Study Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OU
Duration: 00:03:06
Date: 2017

Studying the environment has always been included within courses offered by The Open University.

This clip from 1991 shows Technology students at a Summer School in Bath testing the water in the river Frome for pollution.



Students on the first OU Science course, S100, also looked at various elements of the environment. In this clip from 1971, programme 26 “Earth History”, OU lecturer Dr. Chris Wilson measures sand grain sizes to determine the size distribution differences between various environments.



The final clip on this page is a recent video produced by the Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences (EEES) School at The Open University. In the video members of the school describe studying EEES at the OU today.