The process of measuring sand grain sizes to determine the size distribution differences between environments is explained.
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Duration: 00:05:19
Keyword(s): Coastal environments, sand dunes, sand grain size.
Contributor(s): Dr Chris Wilson
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Footage description: B/W. Wilson walking up a sand dune. Sits down and speaks to camera. Panning shot of the sand dunes and marshy areas. Wilson sitting and speaking. Panning shot of disused hut partly buried by sand. Wilson sitting and speaking. Shot of the sea. Wilson in the studio standing in front of a board with a graphic of the beach. He points at various areas where samples were collected. Wilson moves to a stack of sieves on a table. Wilson speaking. He shows a sieve then tips sand from a bag into the uppermost sieve. He shakes the sieve stack. He separates the sieves and shows one to camera. Wilson shows the sample results on a histogram comprised of glass tubes containing the sand samples. He attaches a frequency curve to the histogram. Wilson shows a histogram with attached frequency curves for each area he sampled which compares the results. Wilson speaks to camera throughout.
Master programe code and title: S100/26 Earth history
Master programme recording date: 25/07/1971
Master programme production number: JOUZ382E
Available to public: no