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James Cooley Fletcher was an American Presbyterian minister who also served as a missionary in South America, particularly in Brazil. He travelled extensively throughout Brazil and in 1867 he co-wrote a book on the country and its people. He befriended the Emperor Dom Pedro and also influenced Brazilian politicians to bring about several socio-economic reforms in the country. After several trips to Brazil over a period of almost 20 years he was nominated consul at Oporto in Portugal and later worked as a missionary in Naples.
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Title: Letter from James Cooley Fletcher
Description: A personal letter to Sampson Low from James Cooley Fletcher in which he refers to Low's recently deceased son, Sampson Low Jnr (1822-1871). He also mentions the wine he sent to Sampson Low for his birthday.
Address: Opurto Portugal
Letter dated: 01-08-1871
Physical description: Sampson Low Letters, Volume 1, 3 pages ; printed address.
Type of letter: Personal
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