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John Hewitt was an English antiquarian, linguist and member of the Archaeological Institute. He worked under Robert Porrett who was ordnance storekeeper at the Tower of London. In 1859 Hewitt produced a guide on the collection of arms and armour held there. He contributed to many periodicals including the 'Archaeological Journal' and 'The Reliquary'. He also wrote under the pseudonym of Sylvanus Swanquill. He counted Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Mary Howitt and Anna Maria Hall among his friends.
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Title: Letter from John Hewitt
Description: John Hewitt informs Sampson Low of his decision to withdraw from candicy of director of the London Life Association.
Address: 48 Camden Street, N.W. London
Letter dated: 16-02-1860
Physical description: Sampson Low Letters, Volume 2, 3 pages
Type of letter: Reference to a charitable organisation
Key organisations mentioned: London Life Association
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