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The programme presents a practical attempt to relate the admission procedure of a university to psychological evidence. The Cambridge University experiment of 1963, in which an alternative entrance... paper was taken by a small number of candidates for a group of Cambridge colleges, was closely followed and analysed by Professor Liam Hudson, psychologist and author, now at Edinburgh University. Professor Hudson also prepared part of the paper. He felt that the traditional entrance paper favoured convergers, while the alternative paper gave more of a chance to divergers. Professor Broadbent, the Senior Tutor at Kings College, was deeply involved in the administration of the paper. Victor Lee, who has already discussed the concept of convergence and divergence in the written text of the unit, interviewed Professors Broadbent and Hudson with the result that this programme looks at the experiment through their eyes.
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Module code and title: E281, Personality growth and learning
Item code: E281; 02
Recording date: 1971-05-12
First transmission date: 30-01-1972
Published: 1972
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Producer: Judith Fage
Contributors: John Broadbent; Liam Hudson; Victor Lee
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Psychological evidence
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Production number: TLN19FM353J
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