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To what extent is the way in which a child learns in school a product of the way the see themselves; and, in turn, to what extent does the school effect this self concept of the child. In this prog...ramme questions are investigated through the special case of the black child in the British school system. Two experienced West Indian teachers, Bernard Coard and Jocelyn Barrow give their views; and the programme also includes an interview in which the American psychologist Professor Kenneth Clark describes his famous experiment with the black and white dolls.
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Module code and title: E281, Personality growth and learning
Item code: E281; 10
Recording date: 1971-06-15
First transmission date: 28-05-1972
Published: 1972
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Duration: 00:18:18
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Producer: Judith Fage
Contributors: Jocelyn Barlow; Bernard Ceard; Kenneth Clark; Victor Lee
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Black and white dolls; Black child; British school system; West Indian teachers
Master spool number: TLN24FM361J
Production number: TLN24FM361J
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