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It is usual to speak of the Metaphysical Poets in terms of their similarities, of the qualities which make them recognisably metaphysical. There is, though, a danger that such a view might prevent from seeing how each metaphysical poet differed from his contemporaries, how his individual concerns and characteristics helped shape the verse he wrote. Professor Carey looks at the work of the four best-known metaphysical poets, John Donne, George Herbert, Andrew Marvell and Henry Vaughan, in ways that focus on their individual characteristics, and upon the personal and poetic ideas which make them of continuing interest to the modern reader.
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Module code and title: A203, Seventeenth century England: a changing culture 1618-1689
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First transmission date: 1981
Published: 1981
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Producer: David Hoyle
Contributors: John Carey; David Strong
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Keyword(s): Andrew Marvell; Characteristics; George Herbert; Henry Vaughan; John Donne
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