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This programme demonstrates how a scholar sets about reconstructing an artifact which disappeared more than fhree hundred years ago, and it does so by examining Shakespeare's Globe. The theatrical of which Shakespeare was a member occupied successively two playhouses called The Globe. The first was destroyed by fire; the second was pulled down in 1644, during the Civil War. There is not much direct evidence to show what they were like. C. Walter Hodges attempts to reconstruct them from the few contemporary pictures that remain, supplemented by internal evidence from Elizabethan plays.
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Module code and title: A101, An arts foundation course
Item code: A101; 08
Recording date: 1977-04-25
First transmission date: 11-04-1978
Published: 1978
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Producer: Helen Rapp
Contributor: C. Walter Hodges
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Shakespeare's Globe
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