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Dr. Phillipson highlights the differences between Hume's early masterpiece, the Treatise, and his later Essays, Moral Literary and Political. The former is exceedingly difficult systematic philosop...hy - a metaphysical enquiry into the nature of belief - apparently intended for solitary study by professional philosophers. The latter, written in the manner of Addison and Steele, contain hardly any discussion of philosophy; their aim seems to be to encourage tolerant, undogmatic conversation amongst friends - something that Hume believed was crucial to the acquisition of virtue. Phillipson argues that the Enquiry can be seen as drawing together the philosophical principles of the Treatise with the moral teachings of the Essay. It is not directed towards professional philosophers, but it does assume that Hume's readers are philosophically minded - that they are interested in the principles underlying their moral beliefs. It also assumes that his readers were in sympathy with the Essays - that they are interested in reflecting: undogmatically on their moral beliefs in an attempt to improve them and hence come to lead better and happier lives.
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