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David Held chairs a discussion between Tony Giddens and Stuart Hall about the changes in the relationship between state and society that have occurred during the last few years. They discuss the en...d of Communist rule in Eastern Europe and the USSR and resurgent nationalism based on ethnic groupings. They discuss the place of Marxism in political thinking and practice when Tony Giddens is happy to be able to claim that he is more radical than Stuart Hall! The fact that social scientists failed to predict the momentous events leads to the conclusion that there is now a new and evolving agenda for the social sciences.
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Module code and title: D209, State and society
Item code: D209; 05; 1991
Recording date: 25-09-1991
First transmission date: 29-11-1991
Published: 1991
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Producer: Jeremy Cooper
Contributors: Stuart Hall; David Held
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Eastern Bloc; Marxism; Resurgent nationalism; Social science agenda; USSR
Master spool number: 91YD0837
Production number: 91YD0837
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