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This is the first of two programmes about the way children acquire language. In an interview with Ken Richardson, Professor Noam Chomsky of Massachussets Institute of Technology, one of the leading... figures in contemporary linguistics, discusses his theory of language and mind, his idea of "innate structures" of language at birth, and some recent criticisms of his theory.
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Module code and title: E263, Language in use
Item code: E263; 07
Recording date: 1980-10-15
First transmission date: 07-06-981
Published: 1981
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Duration: 00:18:23
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Producer: Nick Brenton
Contributors: Noam Chomsky; Ken Richardson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Aphasia; Behaviourism; Broca's Area; Bruner; Cartesian; Descartes; Innate Ideas; Language Acquisition; Skinner; Wernick's Area
Master spool number: TLN47950H971
Production number: TLN47950H971
Available to public: no