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Side 1. This cassette explores how the emerging division in western Christianity, which nowadays we commonly call protestant and catholic, was or was not working out in literature, fine art and mus...ic. It includes two extracts, one from St. Teresa's life and one from Marlowe's 'Faustus'. -- Side 2. This is an interactive audio cassette in two parts. In the first section Anne Laurence, Lecturer in history at the OU, discuses the use of maps in the C16th and the way cartography developed as a result of the opening up of trade routes. In the second half David Goodman of the OU discusses the diary of a C16th dominican friar who chronicled his journey from Salamanca to the New World. He explains how the diary helps us understand the difficulties involved in travel during C16th.
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Module code and title: A205, "Culture and belief in Europe, 1450-1600"
Item code: A205; AC3
Published: 1989
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Side 1 Track 1 The emerging division between protestant and catholic
Side 2 Track 2 Anne Lawrence and late-C16 cartography
Side 2 Track 3 Diary of a C16th dominican friar
Producers: Robert Philip; Amanda Willett
Contributors: Donald Burrows; David Goodman; Catherine King; Anne Laurence; Keith Whitlock
Publisher: BBC Open University
Master spool number: AC1308
Production number: AC1308
Available to public: no