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Band 2. Handling Historical Sources Presented by Arthur Marwick, Produced by Tony Coe This band discusses the 'handling of historical sources' through a detailed analysis of Henry Mayhew's "Pr...ostitution among Needle Women" (1849). More specifically it points to the sorts of questions that should be asked of any source, as well as discussing the strengths, weaknesses and importance of both witting and unwitting testimony within this piece. Band 3. Literature exercise Presented by Graham Martin, Produced by Tony Coe. This band aims to give the student practice in the close reading of a poem, through a detailed analysis of Thomas Hardy's "The Voice". Students are guided through the poem's content, techniques, language and style. Band 2. Plan Reading. Presented by Colin Cunningham, Produced by Nick Levinson This band aims to familiarize students with architectural plans, and to enhance their understanding of what such plans can show and how they can reveal the workings of a building. The band includes studies of two Victorian houses, the Red House in Kent, designed by Philip Webb for William Morris in 1859 and Cragside in Northumberland, enlarged by R N Shaw for Lord Armstrong between 1870 and 1884. The band is closely related to A102 TV11 'Cragside' and A102 Audio cassette 4, Side 1, Band 3 'Urban Architecture'. Band 3. Philosophers at Work Presented by Stuart Brown, Produced by Nick Levinson The aim of this band is to give the student a sense of how philosophers go about "philosophising" by involving students in a particular philosophical argument. The cassette material is structured round a division of philosophers into (1) champions of new ideas, (2) guardians of old ideas and (3) peacemakers who attempt to reconcile the old with the new. The debate between the champions of utilitarianism and the guardians of the established view of morality is discussed, as well as the difficulties inherent in peacemaker strategies when they seek to modify the champions' claims in the light of objections.
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Module code and title: A102, An arts foundation course
Item code: A102; AC2
Published: 1987
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Duration: 01:27:16
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Track listing:
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Side 1 Track 1 band 1. Introduction to the course
Side 1 Track 2 band 2. Handling Historical Sources
Side 1 Track 3 band 3. Literature exercise
Side 1 Track 4 band 4. Music example for TV8 ('Hiroshima Mon Amour' from Mask of Time by Sir Michael Tippett)
Side 2 Track 5 band 1. Music example for TV8, ('Ballad of Sweeney Todd' from Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim)
Side 2 Track 6 band 2. Plan Reading
Side 2 Track 7 band 3. Philosophers at Work
Track 8 band 2. Plan Reading
Track 9 band 3. Philosophers at Work
Producers: Tony Coe; Nick Levinson
Presenter: Arthur Marwick
Contributors: Stuart Brown; Colin Cunningham; Graham Martin; Arthur Marwick
Publisher: BBC Open University
Master spool number: AC1130/R
Production number: AC1130_R
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