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A selection of Poetry and Prose extracts taken from a variety of Sixteenth Century European sources. 18 extracts.
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Module code and title: A205, "Culture and belief in Europe, 1450-1600"
Item code: A205; AC8
Published: 1990
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Duration: 01:30:00
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Poems from the Egerton Manuscript by Thomas Wyatt
Track 2 John Dee's Degression Apologetical
Track 3 Attack on Sir Thomas Moore by William Tyndale
Track 4 William Tyndale's Answer to Sir Thomas Moore
Track 5 The Confutation of Tyndale's Answer by Thomas Moore
Track 6 Morado del Cielo by Luis de Leon
Track 7 En la Ascension by Luis de Leon
Track 8 Sermon by Hugh Latimer
Track 9 Morte d'Arthur by Mailory
Track 10 Mignon Allon Voir La Rose by Pierre de Ronsard
Track 11 Je Suis Amour by Pierre de Ronsard
Track 12 Sonnet Pour Helene by Pierre de Ronsard
Track 13 Rossignen mon Mignon by Pierre de Ronsard
Track 14 Astrophil and Stella by Philip Sydney
Track 15 The Faerie Queen by Edmund Spencer
Track 16 In throu the windoes of myn ees
Track 17 What mightie motion
Track 18 Evin dead behold I breath by Montgomerie.
Producer: Amanda Willett
Contributors: John Church; Yves Hubert; Anthony Hyde; Richard Pascoe; Yolande Vasquez
Publisher: BBC Open University
Master spool number: AC1306
Production number: AC1306
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