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Side 1: There are two bands on this side of the cassette. The first band forms part of Unit 14 of the course whilst the second is part of Unit 15. Band 1: This band contains a discussion between Da...rrel Ince, Benedict Heal, Helen Sharp and Mark Woodman, all members of the course team. They are reviewing a statement of requirements which students have already had the chance to consider in the Unit and to which students should refer as they listen. Band 2: In this band Benedict Heal of the course team asked Mike Dyer of IBM's Systems Integration Division in Bethesda, Maryland about a new way of software testing that he has called the "Clean Room". Side 2: This side of the cassette contains two bands. The first continues band 2 of side 1 (Benedict Heal of the M355 course team talks with Mike Dyer of IBM about the "Clean Room" experiment) whilst in the second band Helen Sharp interviewed John Souter of BSI about quality assurance. Both bands are linked with Unit 15 of the course.
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Module code and title: M355, Topics in software engineering
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Side 1 Track 1 Unit 14 : software project management
Side 2 Track 2 Unit 15: software project management
Publisher: BBC Open University
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