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Programme 1 features projects set up to support those caring for a relative or friend at home. Programme 2 focuses on working across boundaries between health and social care.
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Module code and title: K202, "Care, welfare and community"
Item code: K202; CD1
Published: 2002
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Track 1 Tracks 1-3
Track 1 Tracks 1-3
Track 1 Tracks 1-3
Producer: Faith Lawrence
Contributors: Pat Amsell; Lily Sau Han Braid; Tony Day; Alison Diskin; Al Frankie Ho; Jane Hurbert; Mavis Murphy; Mavis Shorrock; Jonathan Smith; Olwyn Stevenson; Marjorie Storer; Carol Taunton; Anna Manwah Watson; Jane Weston
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): Adhur carers project; Chinese carers project; MERIT scheme
Subject terms: Caregivers; Community health services; Mental health services--Great Britain; Needs assessment; People with disabilities--Care; Social justice; Social welfare--Europe; Social welfare--Great Britain; Voluntarism
Production number: AUDA371A
Available to public: no