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This audio CD contains the episodes three and four of The Sound of Life 3. The Art of Listening: With the help of experts in their field, Aubrey Manning explores the latest research into animal com...munications networks. Aubrey discovers how members of the same species eavesdrop on each other, as well as eavesdropping on other species around them. At the forefront of our understanding of bioacoustics this research goes way beyond the obvious one-to-one communication and is providing a new window to the natural world. He also looks at how scientists are able to turn the tables by eavesdropping on the animals and how this is helping in the conservation of many species including bitterns and elephants. 4. Beyond Our Senses: Aubrey Manning discovers elephant rumbles and booms below our hearing range and in turn, discovers how important infrasound is to elephant society. In the famous Amboseli National Park in Kenya, Aubrey learns how an elephant without its rumble is as impossible as an elephant without a trunk. Aubrey also finds out the importance of ultrasound for echo-locating in bats, about the incredible Morse code of the planthopper that lives in a lava tube, and about the perceptual worlds of whales and nightingales that are revealed by speeding up and slowing down their songs.
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Series: The Sound of Life
Published: 2004
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Contributor: Aubrey Manning
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Natural history; Nature sounds
Production number: AUDA612A
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