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Axle of evil: More or less looks at the evidence against 4x4s on pollution and other issues.
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Series: More or less
Episode 6
First transmission date: 2005-02-17
Published: 2005
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Producer: Michael Blastland
Contributors: Douglas G Altman; Innes Bowen; Ian Chalmers; A. W Dilnot; Helen Joyce; Tim Kendall
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Mathematical statistics; Social sciences--Statistical methods
Footage description: Axle of evil: More or less looks at the evidence against 4x4s on pollution and other issues. The axle of evil as one critic says. But what do the statistics show? On the question of safety, much information about safety comes from American studies which include larger 4x4s (or SUVs) than we tend to see in Britain. It also includes pick up trucks and a larger proportion of SUVs with soft tops, thus contributing perhaps to figures about injury from roll-overs. So there are some caveats about the available figures, but on pollution, safety and the allegation that 4x4s clog up urban roads, what is the evidence that they are uniquely bad? Drug Research: How much evidence is suppressed that drug treatments do not work? And what about other research which finds nothing exciting or interesting? Not in aid of some commercial conspiracy, but as a routine part of the way we assess what is worthy of publication. Choice: Choice in the public sector, schools and hospitals, is supposed to improve efficiency and drive down costs. But what if, in just one school, it had had the effect of doubling the cost per pupil?
Production number: AUDA637A
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