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Side one looks at the Royal Mail's consultancy wing 'RM Consulting' are the people putting knowledge management into action. They're trying out different techniques and tools on their various large... projects The acid test for this approach will be when they face their next big challenge to develop the international air mail distribution centre at Heathrow. Side two listens to Andrew Thompson talking to JC Spender about the theories of the firm and about JC's own views on the firm and knowledge
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Module code and title: B823, Managing knowledge
Item code: B823; AC1
First transmission date: 1999
Published: 1999
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Side 1 Track 1 Opening The Mail
Side 2 Track 2 Spender On The Theory Of The Firm
Producer: Jack Leathem
Contributors: Steven Albert; Marc Baker; David Cowin; Richard Ephraim; Bill Harrison; James Marsh; Maria Schingen; J. C Spender; Andrew Thompson
Publisher: BBC Open University
Master spool number: AC2698
Production number: AC2698
Available to public: no