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This audio CD has two parts. In the first the B821 course team discuss future trends in financial strategy which relate to their blocks within the course. In the second part Janette Rutterford a dicussion on corporate governance between two senior directors of two companies with very different shareholder structures
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Module code and title: B821, Financial strategy
Item code: B821; CD3
First transmission date: 2000
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:59:28
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Producer: David Libbert
Contributors: Marcus Davison; Danielle Donougher; Jan Gadella; Chris Gibson-Smith; A. P (Andrew P.) Gunn; Janette Rutterford; Patricia Swannell; Richard Wheatcroft
Publisher: BBC Open University
Keyword(s): BP; Scott Bader
Master spool number: CDA5079
Production number: AUDA729A
Available to public: no