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This audio CD has two parts. In the first Janette Rutterford interviews two fund managers who use 'quant' techniques to decide on their investments. What are these techniques and how do they work? ...Are they better than the traditional 'meet the manager' approach. The second part features roleplay of a project appraisal meeting within a ficticious company, commented on by a real life corporate treasurer
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Module code and title: B821, Financial strategy
Item code: B821; CD1
First transmission date: 2000
Published: 2000
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Duration: 00:50:17
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Producer: David Libbert
Contributors: Janet Beaumont; Stephen Billingham; Marcus Davison; Danielle Donougher; Christine Downton; Peter Evans; Norman Maxfield; Janette Rutterford; Mark Tapley; Chris Worthington
Publisher: BBC Open University
Subject terms: Role playing
Master spool number: CDA5077
Production number: AUDA741A
Available to public: no