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Side one looks at the market for goods sold under the fair trade banner is growing in Britain, These 'fair trade' companies aim to ensure that their producers are paid a fair price for their goods.... Some companies want to improve the lives of others at a more local level, such as staff at the Body shop.This audiocassette reports about these and other ventures, and ask if they are only possible is a business is thriving. Side two looks at the implications of sustainable growth for business and industry, and indeed whether business can grow sustainably
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Module code and title: B822, "Creativity, innovation and change"
Item code: B822; AC2
First transmission date: 1999
Published: 1999
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Producers: Anna Buckley; Deborah Cohen
Contributors: Philip Angea; Tom Burke; Lucy Funnel; Jane Henry; Tony Juniper; Ron Lake; Jiggy Lloyd; Alan Marples; Paul Monahan; Peter Newman; Lindsay Power; Sheila Rawlins; George Ruddock; Vandana Shiva; Paul Turner
Publisher: BBC Open University
Master spool number: AC2672
Production number: AC2672
Available to public: no