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This record accompanies correspondence course material in the Open University Course, A202 The age of Revolutions, units 33-34
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Module code and title: A202, The age of revolutions
Item code: A202; SD2
Published: 1972
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Side one: Romanticism in Music
Track 2 band 1. Lucia di Lammermoor / Donizetti
Track 3 band 2. Reminiscence de Lucia de lammermoor / Liszt
Track 4 band 3. Gretchen am spinnrade / Schubert
Track 5 band 4. Klage / Weber
Track 6 band 5-6. Carnaval op. 9, two movements: Papillons and Chopin / Schumann
Track 7 band 7. Mazurka op.17. 4 in A minor / Chopin
Track 8 band 8. Les Troyens / Berlioz
Side 2 Track 9 English Romantic Poetry
Track 10 band 1. The echoing green, Holy Thursday (Innocense), 'Hear the voice of the baird!', Holy Thursday (Experience), A little boy lost / Blake. Read by Freddie Jones
Track 11 band 2. Ode to a Nightingale / Keates. Read by Gary Watson
Track 12 band 3. Ode to the West wind / Shelly. Read by Gary Watson
Track 13 band 4. Song to the men of England / Shelly
Track 14 Don Juan, Canto IX, i-ix / Byron. Read by Gary Watson
Track 15 band 5. The pale sun, Love's story, Meet me in the green glen, I peeled bits of straw / Clare. Read by Freddie Jones
Producers: Paul Kafno; Helen Rapp
Contributor: Gary Watson
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: English poetry; Romanticism--England; Romanticism in music
Production number: AUDA857A
Available to public: no