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Recorded at the Unitarian Chapel, Rosslyn Hill, London and at Henry Wood Hall, August 1980. This record is the first prepared and designed by the Open University for the use of students taking the ...second level course A203 Seventeenth-century England: A Changing Culture, 1618-1689.
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Module code and title: A203, Seventeenth century England: a changing culture 1618-1689
Item code: A203; SD1
Published: 1981
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Side one
Track 2 band 1. London Waits
Track 3 band 2. Hero and Leander (extract) / Lanier
Track 4 band 3. In darkness let me dwell / Dowland
Track 5 band 4. Sweet echo from Comus / H. Lawes
Track 6 band 5. In the merry month of May / J. Wilson
Track 7 band 6. Fantasia for six violins (Suite No. 1 in C Minor) / W. Lawes
Track 8 band 7. Alman (Sonata No. 8 in D Major) / W. Lawes
Track 9 band 8. Galliard (Sonata No. 8 in D Major) / W. Lawes
Track 10 band 9. 'The chirping of the lark'
Track 11 band 10. 'Halfe Hannikin'
Track 12 band 11. 'Keep a good tongue in your head'
Track 13 Side two
Track 14 band 1. 'A sad pavan for these distracted times' / Tomkins
Track 15 band 2. 'Hey, then up we go'
Track 16 band 3. 'The two jeering lovers'
Track 17 band 4. Fantasia (Suite No. 1 in G Minor) / Jenkins
Track 18 band 5. Corant (Suite No. 1 in G Minor) / Jenkins
Track 19 band 6. Sonata in three parts, No. 1 / Purcell
Track 20 band 7. Catch 'as Roger las night' / Purcell
Track 21 band 8. Catch 'Of all the instruments' / Purcell
Producers: Campbell Hughes; Robert Philip
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Dowland, John,--1563?-1626; Jenkins, John,--1592-1678; Lanier, Nicholas,--1588-1666; Lawes, Henry,--1596-1662; Lawes, William,--1602-1645; Purcell, Henry,--1659-1695; Tomkins, John,--approximately 1586-1638
Production number: AUDA895A
Available to public: no