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This record is the second of nine records prepared and designed by the Open University for the use of students taking the university's first specialist music course, A304 The Development of instrum...ents and their music units 4-6
Metadata describing this Open University audio programme
Module code and title: A304, The development of instruments and their music
Item code: A304; SD2
First transmission date: 1973
Published: 1974
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Track listing:
track listing for this programme
Track 1 Side one
Track 2 band 1. Trio sonata op. 1 no. 1 (Allegro) / Corelli
Track 3 band 2. Sonatas in 3 parts no. 1 (Adagio-Presto) / Purcell
Track 4 band 3. Trio sonata in C minor (Allegro) / Quantz
Track 5 band 4. Trio sonata from the musical offering (Allegro) / J.S.Bach
Track 6 band 5 Trio sonata in B minor (Adagio) / C.P.E. Bach
Track 7 band 6 Pieces de clavecin en concerts no. 1 (1741) / Rameau
Track 8 band 7 Sonata op. 5 no. 6 (Giga) / Avison
Track 9 band 8 Quartet sonata in D major (Prelude) / Telemann
Track 10 Side two
Track 11 band 1. Canon over a ground bass / Pachelbel
Track 12 band 2. Sonata no. 3 (Allegro) / Galliard
Track 13 band 3. excerpt from L'arte dell' Arco / Tartini
Track 14 band 4. Sonata op. 5 no. 1 (Allegro and Adagio) / Corelli
Track 15 band 5. Sonata op. 5 no. 6 'Le tombeau' (Grave) / Leclair
Track 16 band 6. Suite no. 3 in C for cello alone (Allemande) / J.S. Bach
Track 17 band 7. Lesson in A for viola d'amore (Cantabile) / Ariosti
Track 18 band 8 Sonata no. 4 (Vivace) / Telemann
Track 19 band 9. Petites sonates op. 66 no. 4 (Rigaudon) / Boismortier
Producers: John Selwyn Gilbert; John Rushby-Smith
Publisher: Open University
Subject terms: Music--17th century; Music--18th century; Ariosti, Attilio Malachia,--1666-1729.--Lesson in a for viola d'amore; Avison, Charles,--1710-1770.--Sonata op. 5. no. 6; Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel,--1714-1788.--Sonata in B minor; Bach, Johann Sebastian,--1685-1750.--Sonata from the musical offering; Bach, Johann Sebastian,--1685-1750.--Suite no. 3 in C for cello alone; Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de,--1689-1755.--Petites sonates op. 66 no. 4; Corelli, Arcangelo,--1653-1713.--Sonata op. 5 no. 6 ' Le Tombeau'; Corelli, Arcangelo,--1653-1713.--Trio sonata op. 1 no. 1; Galliard, John Ernest,--. d. 1747.--Sonata no. 3; Pachelbel, Johann,--1653-1706.--Canon over a ground bass; Purcell, Daniel,--1660(ca.)-1717.--Sonatas in 3 parts no. 1; Quantz, Johann Joachim,--1697-1773.--Trio sonata in C minor; Rameau, Jean Philippe,--1683-1764.--Pieces de clavecin en concerts no. 1; Tartini, Giuseppe,--1692-1770.--L'arte dell'arco; Telemann, Georg Philipp,--1681-1767.--Quartet sonata in D major
Production number: AUDA921A
Available to public: no